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Granting Permission to Present

The chair can choose which meeting participants have permission to present. Anyone with permission to present can use all tools in the meeting and can interact during the meeting, include upload files, show slides, draw on the whiteboard, and share their screens.

The chair for the meeting automatically has permissions to present in the meeting.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • When creating a meeting, on the People tab click select "All participants have permission to present content" to grant all meeting participants permission to present.
    • During a meeting, click Set Permissions in the tool bar. Select a name of someone who does not currently have permission to present and click Add or click Grant Permissions to All to grant permission to present to everyone in the meeting, including those who are not yet there.
    • Click a name of someone who can present and then click Remove to revoke their permissions or click Revoke Permissions for All to allow only the meeting chair and selected people permission to present. Those without permission to present can just view the meeting.
  2. Repeat the second bullet in step 1, as necessary until you have selected all presenters for the meeting.
  3. Click OK. The names of the presenters appear in the "People who can present" box on the People tab.

Note Any person with permission to present sees a "Start Presenting" button in the Meeting Room. You must click this button before you can work with slides, send a poll or Web page, or share your screen.

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